Risico Leadership

Risico’s leadership team is a diverse collective of industry leaders and influencers with rich backgrounds in developing and implementing highly effective workers’ compensation programs and strategies.

Steven Wigh


Risico, Inc.

Steve Wigh has been an accomplished leader in the insurance industry since 1980, when he managed and directed a family insurance agency ranked by Business Insurance magazine as one of the Top 100 Brokers in the United States. Accompanied by a proven track record at the turn of the century, Steven was named President and Chief Operating Officer of Risico, Inc. He has led the complete Risico team, Risico Insurance Services, Inc., Risico Total Managed Care, Inc., and Risico Claims Management, Inc., to a sustained preeminence in California’s Workers’ Compensation community. Steven is passionate about fulfilling Risico’s Mission by contributing to clients’ success and providing a thriving work environment for all Risico employees.

Paulo Castro

Vice President of Underwriting and Business Development

Risico Insurance Services, Inc.

Paulo Castro is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, direction, efficiency and sustainability of Risico’s specialty Workers’ Compensation insurance programs. Paulo’s career in the insurance industry started as a property and casualty broker. Paulo joined Risico nearly a decade ago, and was immediately recognized as a leader and appointed to a position of influence within the organization. A child of immigrants, Paulo learned the value of hard work, sacrifice, dedication and opportunity working with his father on a dairy farm and a landscaping business at a very young age. This work ethic served him well, driving him to become a Registered Investment Advisor with three insurance broker licenses by the time most of his peers were still in college.

Carlos Luna

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Risico Total Managed Care, Inc.

Carlos Luna, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for URAC-accredited Risico Total Managed Care, is a trusted adviser to stakeholders in healthcare, claims, managed care, insurance, and government agencies in workers’ compensation. A recognized thought-leader on national workers’ compensation issues, Carlos’ blogs have been published by industry-leading publications such as WorkCompCentral, WorkCompWire, Insurance Business Magazine, Louisiana Comp Blog, and more. Carlos was a key influencer in the state of California moving to update their MTUS treatment guidelines and adopting the state’s drug formulary. He is widely known for having initiated a national dialog regarding the importance of national standards in the development of evidence-based medicine guidelines. Optimizing his circle of influence, Carlos currently serves on the Board of Directors in Colorado’s Professionals in Workers’ Compensation organization and the Medical Issues Committee in the IAIABC. Carlos was named a “New Leader in Workers’ Compensation” by WorkCompWire in 2017 and was featured as LegalNetInc.com’s “Thursday Thought Leader” in 2018. Carlos is passionate about establishing an equitable and balanced workers’ compensation system that benefits all of its stakeholders.