Providing a full service insurance company solution by offering specialized insurance products and services that deliver superior underwriting and risk management results rarely seen in today’s market.


Risico has been a leading Managing General Agency in the California Workers’ Compensation insurance market since 1993.

With over a billion dollars in premiums generated, our decades of experience and focus in underwriting, policy issuance, premium billing, final audit, loss control, claims administration and managed care allow us to mimic more of an insurance company than an MGA.

While our competitors are reacting to the current underwriting cycle, we take a long-term approach to the marketplace and our business relationships. Our insureds, brokers and carrier partners rest assured knowing that when it is time to deliver, we will be there.


We specialize in the adjustment of Workers’ Compensation claims in California for the agriculture industry.

Our effective claims management services begin with a qualified, experienced and bilingual staff making the best decisions, early and consistently, to quickly close claims at the lowest possible cost.

Through our efficiency and effectiveness, we are able to maximize savings and generate industry-leading results.

We invite you to download our Agriculture Policyholder Claims Welcome Kit.


With over 50 years’ combined experience, we have one of the most knowledgeable loss control teams in the industry.

Our bilingual loss control professionals can inspect and evaluate facilities, equipment and operations to identify hazards or behaviors that may give rise to claims, and then assist in developing a program to help mitigate or eliminate those exposures.

Ultimately, we understand that the best way to protect your bottom line is to control losses by preventing them before they happen.


Agriculture is a major industry in the Golden State. With over 80,000 farms and ranches producing approximately 400 commodities, California agriculture is a $46.4-billion industry that generates at least $100-billion in related economic activity.

The state produces nearly half of all US-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables. Across the globe, consumers regularly purchase several crops produced solely in California.


Risico has partnered with AmTrust Financial Services (rated “A” IX by A.M. best) to provide a competitive Workers’ Compensation insurance market to California’s agricultural industry.

Our expertise, experience and focus allow us to offer complete underwriting, claims and loss control solutions for complex agricultural risks.

To see if your client qualifies for our program, or to discuss further, please feel free to contact one of our experienced underwriters at (559) 277-4800.

Wholesale access for this program is available through Inter-Pacific Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Managed Care PDF

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The following governing classifications are eligible for the program. Other class codes may be considered if incidental, but referral is required. For the purposes of eligibility, “incidental” shall be no more than 20% of the overall operation.

0005Nurseries – propagation and cultivation
0016Orchards – citrus and deciduous fruits
0034Poultry Raising | Egg Production and Sheep | Hogs
0035Florists – cultivating and gardening
0036Dairy Farms
0038Stock Farms and Feed Yards
0041Potato Crops
0044Cotton Farms
0045Orchards – Nut Crops
0050Farm Machinery Operation
0079Strawberry & Bush Berry Crops
0096Nut Hulling, Shelling or Processing
0171Field Crops
0172Truck Farms
2063Creameries and Dairy Products Manufacturing
2081Butchering and Stockyards
2102Fruit or Vegetable Evaporation or Dehydrating
2107Fruit – fresh fruit packing and handling
2108Fruit – Citrus Fruit Packing and Handling
2109Fruit – Dried Fruit Packing and Handling
2123Fruit | Vegetable Processing – Fresh
6504Food Products Manufacturing | Processing
7219Trucking Firms
8017Stores – Retail
8116Farm Machinery Dealers
8117Stores – feed, tack and farm supplies
8209Vegetables – fresh vegetable and tomato packing and handling
8291Warehouses – cold storage
8742Outside Sales
8871Clerical Telecommuter Employees


For more than a quarter-century, Risico has been a leading Managing General Agency (MGA) in California‘s workers’ compensabon insurance market. Our Fresno-based team offers decades of experience and experbse to the state‘s leading agricultural businesses. Risico’s coverage spans California’s extensive agricultural footprint. From the vineyards in NorCal to the nurseries of SoCal, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.